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Evolution of Saskatchewan's boundaries

Present-day Saskatchewan was first named Rupert's Land
Many of the early settlers in the 1800's came as traders or hunters. The North West Company was of French-Canadian extraction and traders arrived out west in Saskatchewan from EasternCanada via inland routes. The British (in 1670) had given Rupert's Land to the Hudson Bay Company whichgave the company dominion over lands where there was water passageway from the Hudson Bay. These traders arrived to the Saskatchewan area via Hudson Bay and then travelling westward. In 1774the first inland trading post (Cumberland House) was built in Saskatchewan. Many documents refer to areas of Saskatchewan by the geophysical features by the name of the river, lake or group of hills. At this time northern Saskatchewan was settled as southern Saskatchewan had experienced drought like conditions duringearly explorer expeditions, and was considered a part of the US desert. This area is north of the tree line in the geo-physical shield area.

Canada became a nation in 1867. Saskatchewan didn't become a province of Canada until 1905, before this it was a part of the NorthWest Territories. The North West Territories was divided into provisional territories on May 8, 1882. The south provisional district was named Assiniboia (The 33rd township southward to the U.A Canada border).The provisional district in central present-day Saskatchewan (between township 35 and township 70) was named Saskatchewan. AndAthabaska was the provisional district of the North West Territories for the northern portionof present day Saskatchewan (Township 71 and northward to the District of MacKenzie NWT at the present border between Saskatchewan and the NWT). These provisional districts did not use the current eastern and western boundaries, but extended to range 10 west of the 4th meridian now known as Alberta and the district of Saskatchewan had an eastern border at Lake Winnipeg.

Atlas of Saskatchewan Maps showing boundary evolution.

In the late 1800's and early 1900's the railway and the Dominion Government of Canada wanted more settlers out west to unite Upper and Lower Canada -the eastern provinces of Canada with British Columbia. The rail lines didn't want to lay track over land with no settlement as it wasn'teconomically feasible. The demand for furs declined, the buffalo population declined, Saskatchewanstarted noticing the agricultural land capabilities in the middle and southern portions of the province, the early drought that Captain John Palliser had seen was over. The population in Saskatchewan evolved from a trapping community a farming community. Settlement, towns and rail lines developed the plains, or prairies, south of the tree line.

Early towns were established and had a post office. If a town cannot be located because it closed down as population migrated to the larger centers, it can be located by its post office. Locating a town no longer in existence will help trace where to locate the records for the family- which newspapers to look in, cemeteries, church records to search, etc. Quite a few changes in town names and locations are shown on the 60 years Sask Wheat Pool - 1924 Map and 1984 Map . Another online method of determining town location is by using National Archives Archivia Net and use the post office locator database. The Canadian Geographical Names web page by Department of Natural Resources Canada is also an excellent way to locate towns in Saskatchewan.

Land Improvement Districts were pre-cursors to the present Rural Municpalities. It was a community effort to network for schools, and essential services such as fire departments etc in their area. Rural Municipalities of Saskatchewan

Rural Municipalities

The functions of Saskatchewan municipalities include responsibilities for land use planning and development services (cemeteries) amongst other civic infrastructure and public service functions. Cemeteries in Saskatchewan are also classified by municipality -city or town or Rural Municipality (RM) on the many and several various cemetery transcription projects

Statistics Canada Community Profiles

Community profiles searchable by name of community. (NOT released into the public domain to search by ancestor name). --->>>Finding aid. Provides the rural municipality name if the placename is classified as an unincorporated area, and is too small to enumerate by itself. Census division number and Rural Municipality correlation chart With the rural municipality name, the cemetery is easier to find. <<<--- Provides the size of the community and general statistics about the place.

Community Profiles from the 2006 Census, Statistics Canada

Community Profiles - Census of Canada 2001 - Statistics Canada

Welcome to Community Profiles - Census of Canada 1996 - Statistics Canada

Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 1996 Saskatchewan Statistics Canada

Standard Geographical Classification (SGC)

Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) are searchable by name, or by geographic census division and then Subdivision, Census Enumeration Area . Census division number and Rural Municipality correlation chart (NOT released into the public domain to search by ancestor name). --->>>Finding aid. Provides the names of all communities within a rural municipality (Subdivision). Census division number and Rural Municipality correlation chart <<<---

Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 1996 Saskatchewan and its Divisions and Subdivisions Statistics Canada ...Search Page

Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2001 Saskatchewan and its Divisions and Subdivisions Statistics Canada ... Search Page

Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2006 Saskatchewan and its Divisions and Subdivisions Statistics Canada ... Search Page

Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2011 Saskatchewan and its Divisions and Subdivisions Statistics Canada ... Search Page

RM links

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1905 Scandinavian Canadian Land Co.Historic map Townships 32,33,34,35 and Ranges 1,2,3,4,5,6.West of the 2nd Meridian.

1904. and 1907 Survey of the Dominion of Canada, Entered according to Act of Parliament of Canada

1917 Scarborough's New Map of Saskatchewan
showing Judicial Districts, Land Registration Districts, Municipalities, Townships and Sections,
Cities (with populations), Villages (populations), Post Offices and Stations, Railway lines with Distances between Stations.

1919 Waghorn's Guide: Post Offices in Man, Sask, Alta, & West Ontario

1925 Waghorn's Guide: Map of Western Canada: Post Offices and RR in Man, Sask, Alta, & West Ontario

1941 Waghorn's Guide: Map and Post Offices in Man, Sask, Alta, & West Ontario

1948 Waghorn's Guide: Map of Western Canada: Post Offices and RR in Man, Sask, Alta, & West Ontario

1922 World Atlas and Gazetteer
Gazetteer of American and Canadian Railroads

1924 Rand McNally Saskatchewan Map

1926 Souvenir Saskatchewan Highway Map

1924 1984 60 years Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Maps
(showing Township, Range, Meridian)

1947-48 1950-51 1952-53 Saskatchewan Country Pool Elevator System Maps (showing Township, Range, Meridian)

Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba Department of Mines Geological Survey 1914

Alberta map converters

Alberta Legal Land Description converter to longitude and latitude (GPS). "also works for any land in Western Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba) subdivided by the Dominion Land Survey system."

Archivia Net Electoral Maps

Archivia Net Indian Reserves - Western Canada

Archivia Net Maps, Plans and Charts

Atlas of Saskatchewan 1969 and 1999 edition Maps

Ausland Lake Maps and Information
(--Northern Saskatchewan)

BaseLoc DLS ? Map, convert and share latitude and longitude, and street addresses -- New version - free 30 DLS to Lat/Long Converstions per day

Canadian Geographical Names Home Page (CGN)

--Querying Canadian Geographical NamesThe historical names in the Canadian Geographical Names Data Base(CGNDB) - the Internet version - are historical only in that they wereonce officially approved. So names like Pile o' Bones the historical name for the capital city of Regina (in any of itsvarious spellings) will not be found there.
Contact the Geographical Names Section to ask about real historicalnames. The working copy of the CGNDB has more information in it than the Internet version and staff can quickly search for anyinformation.
By Mail -
Geographical Names Section,
Natural Resources Canada,
634 - 615 Booth Street,
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0E9
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Canadian Geographic Maps

Celebrating Saskatchewan - Communities

City, town, village name, information Municipal Directory System: Ministry of Municipal affairs.

Convert Legal Land Description to Latitude and Longitude

CNR historical map :Maps of Manitoba Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia: Canadian National Railways: showing townships, ranges, meridians

Cummins Map Company Tsp 27, 28, 29,30 Rge 13, 14, 15 West of the 2nd Meridian: No. 152
Cummins Map Company Tsp 31, 32, 33, 34 Rge 14, 15, 16 West of the 2nd Meridian: No. 173
Earthpoint map converters. Latitude, longitude decimal to degrees or UTM

Expediamaps: Microsoft worldwide maps

Geographical naming in western British North America : 1780-1820 Freeman, Randolph Steven, 1951-1985

Globalgenealogy maps

Government of Saskatchewan: Map of Saskatchewan

Google Earth
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Google Maps

Government of Saskatchewan Rural Municipality Dates

GPS to LSD converter by OpsMobil- changes legal land description to latitude longitude in degrees or decimals

Homestead Records: Townships, Ranges, Meridians

How do the Saskatchewan 2011 Canadian Census Statistics Compare to History?

How do I locate my ancestor's home town?

ISC Saskatchewan Rural Municipality Boundary Maps

Look up Volunteer: PostalGuide for Western Canada with all the operating post offices plus a "nixie" list for all post offices closed from 1914 to the date of issue of the guide in the 30's. Helpful for locating towns no longer in existence. Contact: Alex Palin

Indian Reserves - Maps - Western Canada

Lycos road map

Map of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba:
Canadian National Railways CNR map c1930s:
Showing Townships, Ranges and Meridians


Map of Saskatchewan Government of Saskatchewan

Map of Saskatchewan: Land of Living Skies: Sask Tourism

Map Quest Co-ordinate GPS or Global Positioning System Converter: Converting between: Universal Transverse Mercator System (UTM) - Legal Survey Information and Latitude-Longitude

Maps and Atlases University of Saskatchewan Libraries

Maps of Canada from the Mining Co Guide

Map of the Northwest Rebellion Sask Gen Web: The Story of the Canadian People by David M. Duncan M.A

Maybe the Ghosts will rise again! - A look at Saskatchewan's Ghost Towns

National Archives - Post Offices Database - NOTE a great place to find the legal land locations of historic Saskatchean placenames! AND use it to search for your ancestor's name as well!
The New World ATLAS and GAZETTEER 1922 Edition

Phil Gent's 1927 Map of S.E. Saskatchewan

--British North America 1792 map
--British North America 1818 map

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