Scandinavian Canadian Land Co.
Historic map

172 Washington Street, Chicago

Rooms 810-12

Local Office: Canora, Saskatchewan (Assiniboia)
50,0000 Acres in the best district of Eastern Saskatchewan
Low Prices, Easy Terms, Cheap excursions.
See what is going on in Canada!
Take a trip to Canora, Saskatchewan.
Buy while land is cheap.
Five Families in 1903.
800 familes in 1906.
Buy your tickets to Canora, Saskatchewan.
Free Livery to Landbuyers.
Shaded land: for sale.
Land marked "0" Vacant Homesteads.
Map shows settlers of 1904 and 1905 and previous.
Townships 32,33,34,35 and Ranges 1,2,3,4,5,6.
West of the 2nd Meridian.

Alphabetical Surname listing
This surname listing is just a reference. Please look at map image for primary source.

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Map Sections
How the sections are arranged in relation to each other.
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Tsp35-Rge6 | Tsp35-Rge5 | Tsp35-Rge4 | Tsp35-Rge3 | Tsp35-Rge2 | Tsp35-Rge1

Tsp34-Rge6 | Tsp34-Rge5 | Tsp34-Rge4 | Tsp34-Rge3 | Tsp34-Rge2 | Tsp34-Rge1

Tsp33-Rge6 | Tsp33-Rge5 | Tsp33-Rge4 | Tsp33-Rge3 | Tsp33-Rge2 | Tsp33-Rge1

Tsp32-Rge6 | Tsp32-Rge5 | Tsp32-Rge4 | Tsp32-Rge3 | Tsp32-Rge2 | Tsp32-Rge1

Information given in the above listings:
SURNAME Given Name Quarter Section Section Township Range Black background map White background map

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Full Alphabetical Surname listing

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Scandinavian Canadian Land Company Historical map

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Scandinavian Canadian Land Company Historical map

Dedication to all the Homesteaders
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with "Special Thanks" to ALL our Pioneers whose hard work built Saskatchewan.

An appeal goes out to preserve documents such as this one...
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Old Telephone Books, Henderson's Directories and City Directories, Town Directories, Pioneer photos, letter, books, Co-op membership Books, Credit Union and Elevator Books, Grain Companies, Church Books , and Cattle Brand Books, School Records, Church lists, Homestead maps etc.
These are ALL documents listing names of residents of a community which should be preserved. Placing these records online, or duplicating them would help prevent losses of primary source documents for family genealogists. These could either be given to the Museums, Archives, Societies, Family History Centers or placed online here directly or by becoming a "Look up Volunteer".