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There have been quite a few regional family history books published, quite a few of them in the year 1981. 1980 was Saskatchewan's 75th birthday or anniversary celebration since Saskatchewan entered confederation in 1905 as a province. Previously the area of Saskatchewan was a district of the North West Territories. They include a history of the town, and area, local clubs and events, as well as any family biographies individually submitted by the local families. Some local history committees compiled cemetery transciptions and war veteran listings in their books also. There were also a few communities creating books in the 1950's as well.

Saskatchewan communities published local history family biography books in 1950-1951 and more extensively in 1981. By checking out the regional sites of Sask Gen Web there will be look up resources available to help you discover where your family ancestors are recorded. Local history family biography books may also be obtained via inter library loan from the National Library of Canada

How do you determine the title of the book you need to locate your family's biography? Type in the Saskatchewan Town or Placename into an online Library database. Local history / family biography books were published locally by historical committees set up in the province's 50th anniversary 1950 followed by books being released in 1955, many more were published for the 75th anniversary 1980-1981, and some communities compiled data following the communities 100th anniversary celebrations 2005-2006.

To determine your family's particular neighboring placename try the various methods at Sask Gen Web for Kids Getting Started in Genealogy for Saskatchewan or Saskatchewan Gen Web Getting Started Page 2. These 'getting started' resources speak of historical map sites, how to find legal land locations for homesteads and the local placename near the homestead.

Also check if the local history committee published the local history / family biography book under the name of the rural municipality for yet another search option.

Many of the regional Saskatchewan gen webs have provided the rural municipalities for localities and unincorporated areas.

The RM can be also be found by searching Statistics Canada Standard Geographical Classificaiton SGC which will provide a listing of locatalities within a rural municipality. [Villages, towns, cities have their own civic administration, mayors, councilors and town halls, only rural unincorporated areas, farms and rural residents are within a rural municipality which is a civic administration consisting of reeves and councillors.]

Method 3. The RM can be found by locating the homestead or place name legal land description on a Rural Municipality (RM) map, by locating the local placename by the cemetery index ordered by RM, or by using the 1996, 2001, or 2006 census community profiles online. A note, if you find your ancestor on the 1921 census living rurally, the place of habitation stated is the "rural municipality" see 1921 Canada Census : Place of Habitation : Rural Municipalities

The Saskatchewan One Room Schoolhouse Project may provide the name of a community where an ancestor once resided, as early pioneers may have spoke of living in the district, using the schoolhouse district for their location. In this regards, the SK One Room Schoolhouse Project is compiling a bibliography listing in the Footnotes page containing the relevant local history books pertinent to pioneer education and the specific one room schoolhouse districts.

Saskatchewan Family History Books

Online Library catalogues are searchable by subject=(town name) to determine the name of a particular book for a community or town.
Saskatchewan Libraries - online catalogues for library book holdings Try to borrow from the library a local history book by interlibrary loan, or by popping down to your local library.

Look Up Volunteers who have offered to check indices/write ups for family biographies in local history books that they own:
Look-ups in local history books

Local Query Network Determine which Saskatchewan Gen Web area your placename is in to make use of volunteers on mailing lists or posting boards who may own the book and provide a look up in their copy. The people using the mailing lists or posting boards may reside locally, and have access to a local library which hosts the book and provide a look up that way as well. You may even conntect with an ancestor.

Our Roots The web site entitled Our Roots, Nos Racines has been requesting permissions to publish local history / family biography books online at their website. Check their website by book title or subject. Many of their books are also becoming searchable as volunteers convert the photographs to text.
For example a very brief listing:
  • Carlyle, Saskatchewan : where they grow wheat 1910
  • Profitable point for the settler in the last west Aberdeen, Sask. Board of Trade 1910: Our Roots Nos Racines
  • Saskatchewan bibliography : first supplement Arora, Ved Parkash 1993: Our Roots Nos Racines
  • Souvenir 210th Battalion, C.E. F. reunion, January 28 th, 1920, Moose Jaw, Sask 1920: Our Roots Nos Racines
  • Where wheat makes money Aberdeen, Sask. Board of Trade 1911: Our Roots Nos Racines
  • Valley between the bridges" : the history of the battle valley Lashburn, Beatrice Atkinson 1979: Our Roots Nos Racines
More books online at Our Roots Nos Racines relating to Saskatchewan listed here
Some of the provincial genweb regions are including the online our roots books under look up volunteers or in their place name resources.

Books for purchase:
Firstly contact the community or Rural Municipality, town's chamber of commerce, city hall, rural municipality town office or send a letter to the local history committee listed in the bibliography of the book. Saskatchewan towns, cities, and rural municipalities and many villages each have individual websites. If the community still has books available for sale, they would greatly appreciate a note from others interested in their area who may be interested in purchasing a book they worked hard to compile. Firstly, check for the book title [ to see if a book was indeed published] at one or more of the online library book catalogues.

Some online sources to purchase books is an amalgamation of used and new book stores who allow their computerized store inventory database to be searched by
GEN-BOOKS Mailing List
Quintin Publications | Saskatchewan
GEN-BOOKS Mailing List
TRANSCRIPTIONS-CAN Mailing List: Anyone who want to share, exchange, acquire or request genealogical data, books, transcriptions, etc. relevant to Canada

Family biography Local History Book Indices

The Book Index project is undertaken to provide the indext of local history and family biography books online. Family Biography Local History Book Index Project

Saskatchewan Genealogy Society has indexed several local history books, obituaries and cemeteries and placed them in a database named the Saskatchewan Resident's Index, which is now searchable online by name

Digital or E-books Remember to check other online e-book websites as well with diverse libraries. Some local communities and historians have published books online, so occasionally a search engines will find a digitised book online, when searching by book title. A few of the e-book websites are, Google e-books, Project Gutenburg

  • Project Gutenberg Project Gutenberg is a library of 17000 free ebooks whose copyright has expired
    For example:
    • Canadian Dominion, The; a chronicle of our northern neighbor Skelton, Oscar Douglas, 1878-1941. - 2001. - Project Gutenberg Official Home Site Etext Card ID - 3510-

    • Chronicles Of Canada -- Volume 01: The Dawn Of Canadian History - Leacock, Stephen, 1869-1944. - 2003. - Project Gutenberg Official Home Site Etext Card ID - 4727

    • Leacock, Stephen, 1869-1944. - 2003. - Chronicles Of Canada -- Volume 02: Mariner Of St. Malo: a chronicle of the voyages of Jacques Cartier> - Leacock, Stephen, 1869-1944. - 2003. - Project Gutenberg Official Home Site Etext Card ID - 4821

    • Chronicles Of Canada -- Volume 03: The Founder Of New France: a chronicle of Champlain - Leacock, Stephen, 1869-1944. - 2003. - Colby, Charles William, 1867-. - 2003. - Project Gutenberg Official Home Site Etext Card ID - 4749

    • Chronicles Of Canada -- Volume 04: The Jesuit Missions: a chronicle of the cross in the wilderness- Marquis, Thomas Guthrie, 1864-1936. - 2003. -Project Gutenberg Official Home Site Etext Card ID - 5027

Saskatchewan Online Publications:

2005 Centennial Books (and online resources)

Atlas of Saskatchewan: Celebrating the Millenium

Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan

First Nation History

Guides des sources historiques des francophones aux archives de la Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Archives Board - Saskatchewan History magazine

Saskatchewan Heritage and Folklore Society - Folklore Magazine

Saskatchewan History Centennial Timeline Booklet

Tracing Your Saskatchewan Ancestors - A Saskatchewan Genealogy Society Publication

Canadian Genealogy Center
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  • Newspapers
  • City Directories
  • Local Histories
  • Family Histories

Directories and Resources

Some Book listings (Bibliographies) of family history books:
Bibliography on the History of the North American Plains The Open Marketplace for Books Online

Calverley Collection Bibliography HISTORY IS WHERE YOU STAND--"A selected and simplified bibliography of the Peace River country organized by topics" also of interest to those doing research in Saskatchewan Early Canadiana Online--Search for Sask or Saskatchewan produced 3156 book entries found

Handbooks for Foreign Genealogical Research - Canada and Saskatchewan

History of the Book in Canada: Prairie Provinces

Saskatchewan Town and RM (Rural Municipality History Books) Compiled by Glenn Schwartz

Southwest Local Area History annotated listing

SPG Interactive Book Map: Featured books/authors from various Saskatchewan places

SPG Curriculum Linked Resources For Saskatchewan Schools

Tribute to Saskatchewan Books transcribed

Books available at Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Family History Library (LDS):
Family History Library Catalog

Film 0815603 Western Collection Bio File-- Baptist ministers and laymen

971.242 42BR Brookview, Treasured Memories 1922-1960
Sturgis and Endeavour Sask. Brookview and Dist. School Reunion committee

971.242 D3h Film 1036840 item 6 The Fort Pitt Trail mostly tales of pioneer days
by Hewitt Dorcas Alma

971.242 J21 Looking Back at Lookout
By Willowbrook Sk. Look Out Historical Society 1981
ISBN 0-9690895-0-3

971.24 A3 Saskatchewan Bibliography
ISBN 0919059015 (pbk)
Listing of Sask History Books published

Film 1036006 Item 9 971.24 D3s The Saskatchewanians
short biographies of 100 prominent men and women of Saskatchewan.
Sask Diamond Jubilee and Canada Centennial Corp. 1967

Other Saskatchewan Books relating to the province of interest to genealogists / historians
What's in a Name edited by E.T. Russell. 1973. Modern Press.

People Places Saskatchewan and its Names by Bill Barry. Canadian Plains Research Center, U of R. 1998. ISBN 0-88977-114-6

People Places The Dictionary of Saskatchewan and its Place Names by Bill Barry. People Places Publishing Ltd. 1998. ISBN 1-894022-19-x

Reference Sources for Canadian Genealogy - a brief description and reference call number for the following books:
  • Himka, John-Paul. -- Sources for researching Ukrainian family history. -- John-Paul Himka and Frances A. Swyripa. -- Edmonton : Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, University of Alberta, 1984
  • Index to the census of Canada 1891. -- Eileen P. Condon, editor. -- Regina : Regina Branch, Saskatchewan Genealogical Society, 1988- . -- vol. : maps. -- 0969333803 (Assiniboia West) 0969333846 (Assiniboia East) 1895859026 (Saskatchewan)
  • The western Canadians, 1600-1900. -- Noel Montgomery Elliot. -- Toronto : Genealogical Research Library, c1994. -- 3 vol. -- 0919941311 (set)
  • Index to the census of Canada 1891. -- Eileen P. Condon, editor. -- Regina : Regina Branch, Saskatchewan Genealogical Society, 1988- . -- vol. : maps. -- 0969333803 (Assiniboia West) 0969333846 (Assiniboia East) 1895859026 (Saskatchewan)
  • Hande, D'Arcy. -- Changes of name : The Saskatchewan gazette, 1917 to 1950. -- Compiled by D'Arcy Hande, Debbie Moyer, Rae Chamberlain. -- Regina : Saskatchewan Genealogical Society, c1993. -- [3], iii, [1], 89 p. -- 1895859042
  • Hande, D'Arcy. -- Exploring family history in Saskatchewan. -- Prepared by D'Arcy Hande ; assisted by Robert L. Pittendrigh. -- Regina : Saskatchewan Archives Board, 1983. -- vi, 24 p. : ill. --(Saskatchewan Archives reference series ; 2). -- 0969144504
  • Index to the census of Canada 1891. -- Eileen P. Condon, editor. -- Regina : Regina Branch, Saskatchewan Genealogical Society, 1988- . -- vol. : maps. -- 0969333803 (Assiniboia West) 0969333846 (Assiniboia East) 1895859026 (Saskatchewan)
  • Main, Lorne W. [Lorne William]. -- Index to 1881 Canadian census of North West Territories & Algoma, Ontario. -- [Vancouver] : Lorne William Main, c1984. -- v, 105, [3] p. : maps. -- 0969109334
  • Saskatchewan Genealogical Society. -- Members' interests. -- (1989)- . -- [Regina] : the Society, c1989- . -- vol. -- 1197-0146
  • Saskatchewan Genealogical Society. -- A subject index to the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society Bulletin, volume 1, 1970 to volume 22, 1991. -- Compiled by Rae W. Chamberlain. -- Regina : Saskatchewan Genealogical Society, c1992. -- [4], 39 p. -- 0969333897
  • Szalasznyj, Kathlyn. -- How to research your Ukrainian ancestry in Saskatchewan : rodovid. -- Saskatoon : Ukrainian Canadian Committee, Saskatchewan Provincial Council, 1986. -- [2], iii, 33 p., [2] leaves : ill., charts, maps. -- 0969282702 -- Cover title.

Saskatchewan Book Archive Project: searchable catalogue of books published or written by Saskatchewan residents between 1905 and the present

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Further assistance Note: Email the Sask Gen Webmaster, Julia Adamson, for additional placname, map or local history book title information.

Museums, archives,and genealogy societies in addition to libraries also have information and copies of local history books available. Newspaper resources (ie to search obituaries / announcements) are also coming online.

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