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Regina Prairie History Room and Saskatchewan Archives. Bonny Daku bonny.d@sasktel.netSaskatchewan
(a) From the Kaposvar History Book 1886-1986 Esterhaz (Catholic SD #28), and St. Istvan (SD 4915, Formerly SD# 31)
(b) From the Esterhazy and Area 1903-1998 History Book: Barra (SD # 1189), Brookvale (SD #546), Coma Park (SD # 4532), Devon Park (SD # 107)Esterhaz/Kolin (Protestant SD #138 changed to SD # 4538), Kingslynn (SD 1851), St. Istvan (SD 4815, Formerly SD # 31), Zeneta School (SD # 1436)
(c) From The Kolin District Treasury of Memories History Book: Esterhaz/Kolin (Protestant SD #138 changed to SD # 4538).

Joseph G. Nagy

Joseph.nagy AT

Esterhazy area of Saskatchewan
Genealogy of the First Metis nation Andre Paul OR apaul@sasktel.netSaskatchewan see below as well.
Genealogy of the First Metis nation Raleigh roljak@shaw.caThe Genealogy of the First Metis Nation -- The development and dispersal of the RedRiver Settlement 1820-1900 (covers many family names that migrated to Saskatchewan and area.) The métis left the Red River Settlement of Manitoba to the area of DuckLake, , Batoche, St. Laurent (now called St.Laurent-Grandin), St. Louis de Langevin,and nearby Domremy in the provisional district of Saskachewan, North West TerritoriesThese areas are in the sksaskat/SaskatoonSaskatoon Region Gen Web Region pages The French "Boucher's settlement" of Manitoba moved to St. Louis of the skpralbt/index.html Prince Albert Gen Web Region St. Andrews Parish Métis, Red River Colony moved Saskatchewan River Forks area .
Ethnic Language Publications-lists all the foreign language and ethnic publications that  were distributed across western Canada over the years. Terrance Jestin Saskatchewan
The Wilsons of Denholm-1841: Pioneer Families of the Upper Gatineau" written by Alexa Pritchard and Mary Wilson which includes the family lineage of the Wilsons and Smiths who eventually settled all over Saskatchewan.  Birth, death and marriage dates only with some articles. Sharon Peters Saskatchewan
PostalGuide for Western Canada with all the operating post offices plus a "nixie" list for all post offices closed from 1914 to the date of issue of the guide in the 30's. Helpful for locating towns no longer in existence. Alex Palin
Saskatchewan People: A brief illustrated Guide to Their Ethnocultures. Describes settlement areas of various ethnocultures at the beginning of the 1900's. No surnames in this book. Julia Adamson
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