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We are always looking for guest bloggers to share their perspective on genealogy, history, and on topics related to Saskatchewan, Canada. Do you want to talk family biography, cemetery transcription, ethnic cultural history or add a genealogical resource, hint or tip? Send us an email at
saskgenweb(at)yahoo(dot)com with some thoughts on what you’d like to write! ________________________________________________________________________________

Welcome! This is a Sask Gen Web E-magazine forum to discuss the many aspects of genealogy and history in Saskatchewan. We use the term “genealogy and history” to encompass issues of First Nations roots, ethnic immigration settlement patterns, historical preservation of cemeteries, community structures, one room school houses, art and culture. It is a place to discuss what makes genealogy exciting by looking at the past history of notable pioneers and the present resources to share with future generations… Along with exploring topics unique to Saskatchewan projects from other areas are also showcased as they are submitted. By examining genealogy, both locally and resources available generally, we hope to gain a greater understanding of who is involved, how to share information and be able to provide updates to the evolving and growing wealth of information available to create a greater understanding of our great communities rich with their amazing history. ________________________________________________________________________________

" Genuine history is brought into existence only when the historian begins to unravel, across the lapse of time, the living man, toiling, impassioned, entrenched in his customs, with his voice and features, his gestures and dress, distinct and complete as he from whom we have just parted in the street." A history of a people which has passed away is the effort to make the past the present; to revivify the dead and present every phase of actual life as it once existed, with all its bad and good, its bless- ings and its sufferings; the home life, the public highway, the street, the field, men and women privately, collectively, at work and at play, socially and morally, as they once were here in the struggle for life.1


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