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This is a special board for kids looking for family roots. If you are a kid visiting this page, please use this board to ask for help to find your great great grandparents, cousins, etc. If you are an adult visiting this page, check out this board often to see if you can be of assistance to these junior genealogists.

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*Online* Interactive Activities:
For kids of all ages

SGW Grey Owl Cryptogram Puzzle
SGW North West Rebellion Stereogram Matching Puzzle
SGW 1905-2005 Cryptogram Puzzle
SGW Timeline Crossword Puzzle
SGW I Am My Own Grandpa Fill In Blanks Puzzle
SGW Family History Riddle Cryptogram Puzzle
SGW John Robert Colombo Quotation Crytpgram Puzzle

SGW SK Historic First People Puzzle
SGW Saskatchewan Location Quizzes
SGW SK Homes - Tipi
SGW SK Cities Matching Puzzles
Painting Program!!!
Draw your family in Saskatchewan!!
SGW Picture Crossword
SGW Picture Crossword 2
Quiz Show!
*Homestead Location Quizzes*
Hanging Word Game :-)
Crossword Puzzle #1
Crossword Puzzle #2
Archives Multiple Choice
Bonnington, Assiniboia, North West Territories
Evolving Town Names Fill In Puzzle

New Finland District Puzzles, and Games

Saskatchewan Printable Puzzles:
Crossword #1...Clue
Crossword #2...Clue
Criss Cross Puzzle
Cryptogram Puzzles
Drop Letter Puzzles
Letter Tiles Puzzles

Word Search Puzzles:
Forts and Trading Posts
Sk Lieutenant Governors
Sk Premiers & Lt Gov
Saskatchewan Drop Letter
Sk Towns
Spelling Quiz

Celebrate Saskatchewan ~ From Many People's Strength ~ Anniversary Quiz Anwers

Saskatchewan ~ From Many People's Strength ~ Birthday Quiz

Test Your Knowledge of Saskatchewan's Placenames. Quiz One.

The Value of Standardizing Placenames for Genealogists. Quiz One. Answers.

Landmarks and Geophysical Saskatchewan Placenames. Quiz Two.

Uncovering Historical Census and Cemetery Records ~ Answers to Quiz 2

Rural Municipality Word Search Puzzle

Saskatchewan Gen Web for Kids Homestead Project

Saskatchewan Gen Web for Kids Family Genealogy Crafts and Games

More WWW Online Kids Pages:
101+ Fun Family History Activities for Kids

Atlas of Canada - Quiz Selection

Canada: A People's History

Canada Games

Canada's Provinces & Capitals - Quiz

Canada Quiz

Canada Quiz

CBC kids pages
Cyndi's List - Kids & Teens


Dominion Institute - Great Canadian Questions

Genealogy Quiz

Genealogy for Kids Checklist

Great Lakes of Canada Quizzes

How to do Genealogy from US Gen Web Kidz

North America Map Quiz

Kids' Site of Canadian Settlement - Library and Archives Canada - Explore the Communities and Games

Learning resources: Kids' zone: Canada Quiz

Prime Ministers of Canada Quizzes

Saskatchewan Quiz

Saskatchewan Council for Archives and Archivists SCAA Saskatoon Geo-Cache archives Puzzle A geocache you can do without driving your vehicle!

Saskatchewan Quiz

Welcome to the Canadian Museum of Civilization

Welcome to the Canadian Museum of Civilization - Kids

Toys and Games in Canada (archival photgraphs 1860 and 1915 and in the 1940s

Welcome to the Ancestors Site PBS

World Gen Web for Kids

Mailing Lists and Posting Boards

Rootsweb Posting Boards: Boards > Topics > Folklore, Legends & Family Stories > Holiday Customs

Boards > Topics > Folklore, Legends & Family Stories > Legends

Boards > Topics > Folklore, Legends & Family Stories > Hallowe'en Haunting Tales

Rootsweb Posting Boards: Boards > Topics > Adoptions

Saskatchewan School's Grassroots Program

Pioneers of Canada
Pioneers of Canada
Canadian Heritage
*--Grassroots Project*--St. Augustine School

Genealogy Links for Kids

Cyndi's list of Genealogy sites on the internet for kids and teens
Web Comics: Kids: Genealogy

If you know of a site that could be added to Sask Gen Web for kids or Sask Gen Web send us an email us at Sask Gen Web for Kids. Include the web site address (url) and web site name and the category you feel it should be listed under, your first name and last initial and grade. If you are an adult, please include your e-mail address and recommended grade level of SGW for kids web site ;-)

If your school or classroom is learning about genealogy, multi-culturalism, Saskatchewan or Canadian history have an adult e-mail Canada Gen Web For kids with your name and the name of your school, town, province and your grade level and it will appear on this page:
Canada Gen Web for Kids: Participating Schools

Curriculum Links for Teachers / Homeschoolers

40 Canadians. Veterans Government of Canada. RemembranceInformation ForEducators.Learning Modules.South African War.

As Prime Minister Awards
"If you were the Prime Minister of Canada, what political vision would you offer to improve our living standards?" for post-secondary students

CBC for kids Teacher's Guide CBC for Parents

Early European Agriculture in Saskatchewan Agriculture in the Classroom. Agriculture: The Heart of Saskatchewan's Past, Present and Future.

Education Center Activity Family Time Line

Heritage Saskatchewan - Heritage Fair - Teachers Resources

K-12 Lesson Plans Western Hemisphere Countries and Cultures Canada

Mrs. Laddish's 4th Grade Decades Project Homepage

New Trivia Cards; Ice floats on water because - Partners for the Saskatchewan River

Open School A Division of the Open Learning Agency

....... Canadian Immigration Theme Page
....... Canadian Military History
....... Curricular Resources in Multiculturalism
....... First Nations History
....... First Nations Treaties, Law, and Land Claims Theme Page
....... Genealogy Theme Page

Sask Gen Web for kids Teachers Guide

Teachnet.com Family Trees Offer Many Lesson Ideas

Unit 1 Chapter 1 History Grade 8 Confederation British North America in the Mid 1800s Thomas Valley District School Board

Veterans' Affairs Canada. Remembrance.Information ForEducators.Learning Modules. South African Boer War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Canadian Armed Forces, Aboriginal-Canadian Veterans, and Women and War

Wilma Riley - Lesson Plan for the poem "Dialectics" from Kim Morrissey's Batoche

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