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Find out who is researching your ancestors, and share your research here. This Surname List shows the families by location, with contact names and email addresses. Note: We don't share your email information with ANYONE outside of this page.

NOTE: THIS LIST WAS REVISED AS OF April 2014. PREVIOUS LISTINGS WITH INVALID EMAIL ADDRESSES have been removed. If we removed your Surname listing, please resubmit it, instructions below.

Since we're not able to make the data sortable due to Rootsweb limitations, it makes sense to post the information in a downloadable Excel spreadsheet. That way you can sort by name, area, or researcher. Please contact our webmaster if you have questions or problems with the download.

Click HERE to download the 2014 Surnames Excel file.

If you are willing to share information, please email our webmaster with:

Post your interest on the surname board.

Post a Query on the Rootsweb Weyburn page. Volunteers often look at these boards, to see if they can help other folks. In the Subject line, place the LASTNAME in all caps, include a Place, and what you need (birth record, marriage information, obituary, etc.)

Here's a sample of how to compose a Query (this is only a screenshot, NOT a live window):

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George Martin Day

Ghent Family, Alameda

Thievin Family

Killian and Benning