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Surname Placename (s) E-mail
AUSTIN Kindersley Irene Austin
BARAN Steenen, Canora, Amsterdam areas Angela Smith
BENSEN Kindersley area Penny Stinson
BRAUSSE Leader district Deb Moore
CALKINS Eston area Penny Stinson
CHURCHMAN Rosetown, Sovereign districts Bill Churchman
COWDREY Hazlet John F. Gregson
DIMCHINSKY / DEMCHYNSKI Steenen, Canora, Amsterdam areas Angela Smith
ECKSTEIN   Rastad Deborah Malone nee Lohrer
EHLI Prelate Jim Ehli
FAKELEY Kindersley, Inglenook Terry Spurgeon
FORRESTER Hazlet John F. Gregson
FRANCIS  Diane Rivet,
Prince Albert, Sk
FRANCIS Town of Eatonia Norm Francis
FYKE   Diane Rivet,
Prince Albert, Sk
GLADWIN   Diane Rivet,
Prince Albert, Sk
GRYBA Steenen, Canora, Amsterdam areas Angela Smith
GUIDINGER Eatonia/Laporte Carol Mohr
HAZLEHURST Kindersley / Smiley Donna Cates
HARRIS   Abbey, Saskatchewan
RM of Miry Creek 229
Bea Schultz
HINES Madison (south of Kindersley) Gord Hines
JONES Netherhill, Kindersly Beverly Leeck
LEECK Netherhill, Kindersly Beverly Leeck
LEVORSON Battrum/Swift Current Val Hvidston
LOCKE   Diane Rivet,
Prince Albert, Sk
LOHRER   Regina, SK Deborah Malone nee Lohrer
MOORE   Diane Rivet,
Prince Albert, Sk
PALIN Kindersley Susan Marlow
POOL Netherhill, Kindersley Laurelee Wilke
POOLE also spelled POOL Brock Village, Kindersley, Saskatchewan Judy Morrison
REID Netherhill, Kindersley Laurelee Wilke
ROOT Town of Eatonia Norm Francis
SCHELL Netherhill, Kindersley Laurelee Wilke
SCHNEIDER   Rastad and Kronau, SK Deborah Malone nee Lohrer
SCHUH Eatonia/Laporte Carol Mohr
SECONDCOST Eston area Penny Stinson
SECONDCOST Eston area Penny Stinson
SNIHOR Sturgis, SK Betty Snitynsky
SPELTZ Eatonia/Laporte Carol Mohr
LEVORSON Battrum/Swift Current Val Hvidston
STANDEN Kindersley area Penny Stinson
STINSON Eston area Penny Stinson
STOLZ Leader district Deb Moore
SUTTON Sceptre, Saskatchewan Bobbie Driscoll
     .Postal mail
ZAPLITNEY Buchanan (Dobrodowdy), Tiny (Kowalowka) and Canora. Norman Hooper
ZEMLUK Sturgis, SK Betty Snitynsky

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