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As you can see, records and documents are needed for the Kindersley Region Gen Web Project. What would you like to see here? The Kindersley Gen Web Region Project would help to digitize, share and preserve information via online web pages which could include scanned book indices, memorabilia, artifacts, and historical documents celebrating the rich heritage, varied local history and the lifestyles of the settlers in this region. If you can assist in this webpage project in any way, Please e-mail.

Charles Baker

Uncover the fascinating history of the early settlement of Kindersley, Saskatchewan, a as recounted in the biography of Charles Baker, a pioneering figure who played a pivotal role in the settlement, from the adventurous days of homesteading and the establishment of a church to the growth of the town, all intricately woven with personal anecdotes, community building, and the enduring legacy of a remarkable family, offering a unique perspective on the roots of this prairie community.

Kindersley Gen Web Region Photos

Embark on a visual journey through time with a captivating photo gallery showcasing the diverse barns of Kindersley, the historical markers along the Swift Current-Battleford Trail, the picturesque town of Bruno, the iconic elevators in Rosetown, and more, offering a unique glimpse into the rich history and landscapes that define Kindersley Gen Web region's past.

Gordon Murchison Memoirs

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of early homesteading experiences in the Kindersley area through the captivating memoirs of Gordon Murchison, a seasoned land settler, Soldier Settlement Board Director, and witness to the challenges and triumphs of pioneers who shaped the farming communities of Saskatchewan—offering a unique perspective on local history and the remarkable individuals who carved a legacy against formidable odds.

Zaplitney surname covering the areas of Buchanan formerly called Dobrodowdy, Tiny formerly called Kowalowka and Canora.

Explore the captivating journey of the Zaplitney family, pioneers who braved the hardships of immigration, built a log home in Canada in 1902, faced trials, tragedies, and triumphs, and left a lasting legacy that spans generations, as recounted through the lens of their descendants and a poignant visit to the vanished homestead.

1901 census Transcription Big Stick Lake, NWT

The location is south of Fox Valley at 26-17-26-W3 and north of Maple Creek at 15-11-26-W3 1901 census covers the area of Tsp 13-Rge 26, Tsp 14-Rge 26, Tsp 13-Rge 26, Tsp 13-Rge 25, Tsp 17-Rge 25, Tsp 16-Rge 24. P.O named Big Stick Lake opened in 1911 at 22-14-26-W3. Big Stick Lake does not exist anymore.

Leslie George TURTON - Netherhill, Saskatchewan, Canada. Photographs online

Rural Municipality of Hillsburgh No. 289, Saskatchewan images circa 1927 and Leslie George TURTON. Submitted by Alex Birtwisle .

Cabri and area one room schoolhouses quilt at the Cabri Museum

photographs online.
Submitted by Red Lauttamus .

St. John's Lutheran Church and cemetery, Fosterton. Photographs online

near Cabri and Pennant, Saskatchewan. Submitted by Red Lauttamus .

Merrington Cemetery photographs online

Merrington Brethern in Christ Church, Merrington cemetery north of Kindersley at the legal land description SE ¼ 02-30-23 W3. RM of Kindersley # 290, Saskatchewan, Canada. Submitted by Rianne.

1881 Census

Database of the 1881 census online at Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Zaplitney surname

Zaplitney surname, covering the areas of Buchanan (formerly called Dobrodowdy), Tiny (formerly called Kowalowka) and Canora submitted by Norman Hooper

1881 Census

Database of the 1881 census online at Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Western Land Grants Homestead Database

The Dominion Government issued Letters of Patent to those homesteaders who successfully proved their homesteads, these homesteaders are online at National Archives. Searchable by location or by name.

Canadian Expeditionary Force

Soldiers of the First World War — WW1 records 1914-1918 searchable by name. Some documents are also online, depending on surname, and progress of transcription project.

Western Canada Baseball

If your heritage includes baseball players in the 1940s-1950s check out Western Canada Baseball with photos of Sceptre 1950, Sceptre Nixons 1951, Sceptre 1951.

Saskatchewan provincial resources

Information common to all areas of Saskatchewan are mentioned herein. Birth, marriage, death certificates, homestead Dominion Land Patent records, Canadian Expeditionary Force records, Immigration records, etc.

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