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I wish to include my contact details regarding a local history book or any other publication resource related to the Yorkton region. This is to facilitate assistance with lookups for fellow genealogists and historians.

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NOTE The old host for Yorkton Gen Web Region was care of rootsweb [http://www.rootsweb.com/] or [sites.rootsweb.com] and the NEW host or domain name for updates and current information is [saskgenweb.ca]

Have you received your ancestor homestead records from Saskatchewan Provincial Archives? Or, have your received your letter of patent for your ancestors from National Archives? If so, would you care to make an entry of the homestead location, and homesteader? The names and homestead locations of the two sworn witnesses could also be entered to help others in their search. Do you have access to a Cummins map for this area? Would you wish to post any original homesteaders online from this map?

Do you know of anyone who has contributed to this area and there is a biographical write up about them either online or in some other source, a book etc.? Please honor them and submit an abstract of the article about this person, and the town or city from where they hail from. Please note the source as well.

Would you want to place any obituary information online from the Yorkton Region?

  • Look up Database :
    Would you be able to provide a look up service to other researchers in the Yorkton Regional Gen Web project? Do you have a book or other reference resource invaluable to a genealogist ie it may provide: names, dates, history or location?

    Do you possess documents like Old Telephone Books, Henderson's Directories, City Directories, Pioneer photos, letters, books, Town Directories, Co-op membership Books, Credit Union and Elevator Books, Grain Companies, Church Books, and Cattle Brand Books, School Records, Church lists, Homestead maps, etc.? These are valuable records listing the names of community residents that deserve preservation. Sharing or digitizing such documents can prevent the loss of primary source materials for family genealogists. As we embark on the journey of preserving and commemorating the dynamic history of the Regina project and its surroundings, your active involvement is indispensable. Whether you have memories related to historical maps, one-room schoolhouses, cemetery headstones, transcriptions, yearbooks, directories, or historical letters, your contributions can significantly enrich the understanding of fellow researchers tracing their family trees and histories.

    Would you be able to provide photos of the area or of cemeteries? If you are available to be of assistance to those researching in this region, please offer to assist the Yorkton Gen WebRegion

  • History Database :
    Do you remember any local history about this region? Would you care to share it online? For example: names or name changes for school districts, towns, village or postal districts, memorable weather events, incorporation or changes of railway, Hudson Bay Company, Wheat Pool, etc.

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