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Hello! This site will always be under construction. I will be adding links and information as I find it, so come by and visit often and see what is new. If you have any ideas or suggestions for this site, please email me and I will be more than happy to include it. For the time being, sit back, relax and enjoy your visit.
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Do your ancestors come from the Moose Jaw Area (as defined for this website's purpose)? Do you have a personal website related to history or genealogy of the Moose Jaw area of Saskatchewan? Would you like it included on this site? If so, email me and I will add a page to list all the personal websites. (No commercial sites please.)
If you have any suggestions for different "topics" you would like to see included on this site let me know. Please remember to include "Moose Jaw area" so it will be referenced in the proper area. Thanks! Thank you to Bonny and Sue, the previous hosts of Moose Jaw Region Gen Web

Towns in blue have their own homepage or information about them.

Amulet, Aneroid, Ardill, Assiniboia, Avonlea, Bateman, Bengough, Big Beaver, Blumenhof, Blumenort, Boharm, Briercrest, Bushell Park, Cadillac, Cardross, Caron, Chortitz, Claybank, Coderre, Congress, Corinne, Coronach, Courval, Crane Valley, Crestwynd, Drinkwater, Dummer, East Poplar, Ernfold, Expanse, Ferland, Fife Lake, Fir Mountain, Flintoft, Glasnevin, Glenbain, Glentworth, Gravelbourg, Hallonquist, Hardy, Hazenmore, Hearne, Hodgeville, Kayville, Kelstern, Killdeer, Kincaid, Lafleche, Limerick, Lisieux, Mankota, Mazenod, McCord, McMahon, Melaval, Meyronne, Minton, Mossbank, Moose Jaw, Mortlach, Neidpath, Neville, Ogema, Ormiston, Palmer, Pambrun, Pangman, Parkbeg, Parry, Pasqua, Ponteix, Port of Big Beaver, Port of Coronach, Readlyn, Regway, Rhineland, Rockglen, Rouleau, Scout Lake, Shamrock , Springfield, Spring Valley, St. Victor, Truaux, Val Marie,Vanguard, Vantage, Verwood, Viceroy, West Poplar,Wilcox, Willow Bunch, Wood Mountain, Woodrow, Wymark


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