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Greetings, Valued Visitors!

Step into the renewed home of the Lloydminster Gen Web Project, where history breathes, and legacies are etched in family tales and community heritage.

Explore us at our new domain: https://saskgenweb.ca/sklloydm/. Yes, we've moved, but rest assured, our commitment to capturing Lloydminster's essence stands firm.

Embark on a journey through one-room schoolhouses, cemetery sanctuaries, and historical landscapes adorned with diverse placenames and fading maps. History, more than events, unfolds as a tapestry of stories.

As part of the Patreon community (https://www.patreon.com/SaskGenWeb), we invite you to sustain this passion-infused venture for the years ahead. Visit our new pages at https://saskgenweb.ca/sklloydm/ and witness the Lloydminster Gen Web Project's evolution.

Your support ensures this beacon endures for historians, genealogists, and all captivated by the past. A heartfelt thanks to Ancestry.com and Rootsweb.com. Now, let our community, old and new, join hands in preserving this invaluable resource.

Welcome to a new chapter! Your support, in any form, is a cherished gift to the history uniting us all.

With gratitude,

The Lloydminster Gen Web Project Volunteer Team

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