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History for the Kindersley, Saskatchewan area
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Historical Date/s: early 1930's Type of Event: Kindersley, first swimming pool

The Travellers Association of Kindersley raised money in the early 1930's to build an outdoor heated swimming pool on the east side just south of the arena. One of the fund raisings included one armed bandits. My father brought it home. It was not possible to adjust the the machine so it would give back as much money as it was given. This was a good gambling lesson for teen agers. The swimming pool was finished and most of the young and some of the old learned to swim. I left in 1937 so do not know what became of it.
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Historical Date/s: 1902 Type of Event: Bruno

In the fall of 1902, the Reverend Bruno Doerfler, a Benedictine Father and organizer of the mass migration of German American families, joined a group of seventeen families who left the states to answer the call to go to Canada. Among these families were Johann Dominikus Tegenkamp and his wife, Theresia Huesman. Also, Mr. Henry Dust who was connected to the Tegenkamp family by marriage. German immigrants, or first generation descendants of German immigrants, these two families relocated to Canada from Effingham County, Illinois. With these families, Reverend Bruno Doerfler started a new religious colony in Saskatchewan. It was to have been called St. Bruno, because of the postal address in St. Bruno, Quebec, the name of Bruno for the new settlement was decided upon. Approximately 3 years later, John Tegenkampís nephew, Henry Herman Tegenkamp, his wife, Katherine Anne Arnzen, and the first two of their nine children relocated to Bruno. The reason they left the United States was that they were land tenents and had the misfortune of having a house fire in which they lost almost everthing. Mr. Henry Dust was just back from Canada and he encouraged them to go to Canada, where the land was cheap and they had a chance to make a freah start. In 1905, the railroad was built through Bruno, and in 1906, a small log school was built, and the population began to grow, as did the Tegenkamp and Dust families, both familiar names in the area still today.
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Historical Date/s: 1920-30's Type of Event: Kindersley

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