???? This volume isdesigned by the publishers to provide a record of the men and women who, in onecapacity or another, have contributed to the growth and development of the Province of Saskatchewan. Informer. times the history of a country could be traced in thebiographies of its great men, and something of the history of Saskatchewan canbe so traced, but in these times of democratic institutions and universalfranchise the true history of the country is the record of the masses, for itis the masses who, through their representatives and by their individualservices and sacrifices, give to a country a noble or ignoble place among thenations.


???? Public memories,sometimes, are short lived, and history records only the names of those whostand out most prominently in the great events of the times; The aim of thepromoters of this work is to create a lasting memorial, not only for the greatmen, but also for those lesser personages in all walks of life who by theirtoil and sacrifices, are labouring for theadvancement of Saskatchewan, and are the real mouldersof its destinies.


???? This book is designed as a work, not of praise, but of facts. One's education, professional or business training and experiences andstatus in the community are facts which no man or woman should hesitate to seein print, and which the public have a right to know.


???? The book will havea value for the historian quite beyond its use as a current work of reference.It is hoped it will do its part in making the sons and daughters ofthis Province better known to each other, and will give a bird's eye view ofits usefulness and contribution to the confederated Provinces of the Dominion.


???? Considerable carehas been taken to secure accuracy, but if mistakes occur-as they are liable tooccur in a work of this nature-we shall be grateful if they are called to ourattention, so that they may be rectified in future editions.





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Adam, Donald236
Adam, Corporal James 237
Adams, Major William Alexander235
Adrian, Stewart 239
Allan, James Henry225
Allan, William Alexander Vaughan238
Allingham, Arthur Wellesley225
Amos, Frank229
Anderson, Norman William238
Anderson, Percy M103
Appleton, Captain Frederick Lawrence237
Armitage, Captain Alex. Howard130
Arnett, J. Ho216
Aseltille, Walter Morley236
Auld, Francis Hedley102
Badington, Arthur Richard228
Bailey, Captain Harold Milton.242
Bailey, Warren William.Addition
Bailey, Jeannette Marie.Addition
Baker, Captain Maurice Daniel242
Baker, Charles.Addition
Baker, William George240
Baldwin, Judge Joseph75
Baleshta, Basil215
Balfour, James127
Ball, Augustus H101
Barkwell, Maitland244
Barradale, Captain Thomas227
Bates, Alfred Dyton239
Batten, Leslie Charles Ross235
Bedingham, Sergeant-Major Harry241
Bee, Thomas M244
Belcourt, Louis Emile234
Bell, George Melrose127
Bellamy, John246
Best, PatrickAddition
Bigelow, Hon. Henry Veeder51
Bill, Edward Manning240
Black, Henry252
Black, Lt. Jay Burpee233
Blaikie, Charles William231
Blair, Hugh McWatters247
Bond, Samuel Wallace245
Booker, John Thomas243
Bradley, William Robert246
Bragg, James Douglas252
Brooks, Edwin Jacksoll226
Brooksmith, Eldred John226
Brown, Evelyn Roberts83
Brown, Late Hono George William.68
Brown, Hono Jmes Thomas43
Brown, Thomas Dowrick82
Brown, Lt.-Colonel William 125
Brunner, Frank231
Bruton, Martin Joseph233
Bryant, James Fraser128
Bryant, Major John Leslie232
Bryant, Mrs. Mabel Myra79
Buchannan, Charles, G.251
Buckles, Daniel230
Burbidge, Captain Geoffrey Cornwallis126
Burnett, Arthur230
Burton, His Worship Mayor Stewart Coulter67
Bussee, E. H.245
Butler, William John234
Butterfield, GeorgeAddition
Cairns, Albert Edward136
Calder, Hon. James Alexander56
Calder, Leonard G.154
Cameron, Major George Lynch.154
Cameron, John.248
Cameron, His Worship Mayor W. L. 142
Carass, W. Balfour139
Carson, Captain Harold G. 140
Caulder, Joseph134
Chant, Russell Havelock138
Charlevois, Alphonse251
Churchill, Gordon249
Clancy, Captain G. S.132
Clancy, Paul Irwin132
Clark, - Lieut. Willis Longair 155
Cleal, Lieut. Kenneth Francis.141
Clear, Lieut. Stanley G.139
Cleland, Clarence Eugene137
Clemesha, Frederick Chapman.101
Cogland, Major Thomas Willis250
Coles, William Richard82
Combe, Late Lieut. Robert Grierson85
Conn, James136
Cook, Major John Thomas.142
Cooke, Robert Judson143
Cooper, William Wesley133
Cowan, David W67
Creelman, Samuel Muir247
Creighton, Captain Douglass St. Clair131
Crepeau, Jean Batiste130
Crosby, Percy Clayton135
Cross, Colonel, The Hon.James' Albert48
Cudmore, Ernest E.249
Cumming, James George133
Cumming, Robert W.138
Curran, Lionel Edward.248
Currie, John Joseph.140
Cuxworth, Morley Wilson135
Darke, F. N.121
Davidson, Ven. Gilbert Farquhar78
Davis, ,His Worship ,Mayor Thomas Clayton124
Day, George MartinAddition
Dawson, Frederick Bruce147
Dawson, L. L.150
Deane, Harold John153
Dennison, William Edward. 145
DeRoche, Hammel Madden.150
Dickson, Andrew149
Ditson, Albert Amos153
Dixon, Percy John152
Dobie, Rev. George Nelson.55
Douglas, Lt. David48
Dreever, William152
Drinnan, Captain Angus Alexander146
Driver, Lt. Arthur152
Driver, Major William147
Dunbar, Donald Culloden148
Dunning, Hon. Charles Avery.40
Eggertson, Arni G.145
Ellard, Howard Hugh167
Elliott, Captain Percival.144
Elliott, Hon. William89
Embury, Hon. John Fletcher Leopold 50
Estey, James Wilfred143
Fearey, Edgar Atheling 165
Ferg, Captain Edwin James164
Ferguson, Major George Alexander.166
Ferguson, Captain William 162
Flemming, Harry Raymond165
Forget, Late Hon. Amadee E. 69
Forsyth, Andrew 166
Fraser, Captain Harold John 162
Fraser, James Raymond163
French, Captain Edwin Thomas163
Fuller, George Oliver164
Fulton, Edith Margaret. Addition
Gabb, Captain Joseph159
Gallant, Thomas167
Gamble, Harold156
Gardiner, Ernest173
Gardiner, - Hon. James Garfield.49
Garner, Lt.-Colonel Albert Coleman.174
Garner, His. Worship Mayor E. W.215
Garret, Edmund155
Garrett, E. Leon170
Garret, Harold Francis.170
Garvin, Captain Frederick P.169
Gee, Ephraim A.214
Germaine, Lt.-Colonel M.A.171
Gerrand, Ernest Walter159
Gibbard, Alexander H.128
Gibbs, James177
Gilmour, Captain Lionel C. 178
Glenn, Colonel Joseph120
Godfrey, Oswald Julius158
Gold, William James173
Goodwin, Captain GUY Stewart172
Gordon, Captain Arthur Douglass156
Gorrell, Arthur Stirling100
Graham, Rev. Angus A.171
Graham, Captain John Robert Baird168
Graham, Wm. Morris80
Grassick, James161
Gravel, Judge Alphonse76
Green, Hugh Alexander160
Greene, Mrs. S. A.100
Greenwood, Maude M. A.161
Greer, Captain A. B.168
Gregory, Colonel Charles Ernest. 77
Guest, Colonel Frederick176
Gunn, Major J. D.157
Hale, ,Mrs. Ida C.188
Halkett, Andrew201
Hall, Herbert Botsford179
Hall, Lt. Stephen S.201
Hamblin, James Herbert180
Hamelin, Captain Joseph Jules186
Hamill, Thomas Taylor204
Hamilton, Hon. Charles47
Handbidge, John Murton125
Handbidge, Robert L.178
Harding, Right Rev. Malcolm Taylor MacAdam42
Harris, Ernest. Walter Fairfax.124
Hart, Frederick William180
Haugan, Carl Edward. Addition
Haultain, Sir Frederick39
Hawkes, John119
Hawkins, Jacob William203
Hawthorne, Robert John191
Heane, Richard Henry193
Hearn, Lt.-Colonel John Harvey. 99
Heide, James Abraham187
Henderson, James182
Herchmer, Late Colonel Lawrence.63
Hermanson, H. P. Albert119
Hicks, Captain William Harry.192
Hodson, Edward St.George.190
Hogle, Perl Clayton189
Holman, William Henry181
Honeyman, J. R. C.118
Hope, John Walter194
Hopewell, Sherman Jay190
Hopkins, Edward Nicholas193
Hopkins, Edward L.189
Hopkins, George Lionel.187
Horsey, Frederick George204
Hossie, Joseph Carlyle192
Hotham, Arthur W202
Howard, RalphAddition
Howard, Ralph John WesleyAddition
Hugonard, Father57
Humphrey, Gerald Thomas,185
Hurlbut, Frederick Herman195
Huteheson, Elton Beverly202
Hutcheson, Herwald Osborne.201
Hutchinson, George Ogilvie186
Hynds, Charles184
Hrynuik, Pauline Addition
Hysop, George H. 184
Imoff, Mayor Floyd M.200
Irvine, Captain James Franklin200
Jackson, James Gill199
Jessup, Edward Thomas198
Johnson, Ernest198
Johnson, Evelyn Madill98
Johnson, Rev. Frederick Wells.70
Johnson, Lorne197
Johnson, Walter Palmer196
Johnson, William Henry197
Jonah, E. Bruce199
Kautonen, David Jeremijas.Addition
Keays, Thomas H.211
Keeton, Rev. Arthur William209
Keown, Major Herbert Elwood.195
Kerr, Major Charles213
Kerster, John Kennedy210
Kiemele, John LouisAddition
Killam, George T.213
King, Captain Ernest E.211
King, Richard Lionel212
Knox, Andrew.78
Kolb, Aaron Clemens212
Lacourciere, Joseph, Emile209
Laird, Captain Archibald, Forbes.322
Laird, Hon. H. W.66
Lake, Sir Richard Stuart71
Lamb, John James216
L'Ami, Cecil John324
Lamont, Hon. J. H.43
Lancaster, Samuel Charles.325
Langley, Hon. George79
Larry, Charles Wheelock206
Latta, Hon. Samuel47
Laws, Colonel Burnett208
Le- Bourveau, Henry Carlton.323
Lebret, Father.57
Lee, Mabel Margaret.Addition
Leslie, Andrew.209
Lewis, Samuel.206
Lindsay, Captain Hugh Wallace205
Little, Charles Edward218
Lloyd, Rt. Rev. George Exton.42
Long, Cecil, Mark325
Louth, H. N.324
Lowery, Major James R218
Lythgoe, Captain George207
MacAughey, Colonel John319
MacBean, Late William Finley294
MacDonald, Hon. Hector Y. 50
MacDonald, Hugh Wallace297
MacDonald, John Ross296
MacKay, Hector 257
MacKay, Murdock Argus318
MacKenzie, Hon. Philip Edward.52
MacKinnou, Alexander Edward297
MacKinnon, A. J.115
John Angus297
MacNaughton, Major Francis Maurice258
MacPherson, ,Major Murdock Alexander97
MacQueen, Donald Gordon258
Magnan, Rev. Josaphat 316
Maillard. Rev. Charles128
Makaroff, Peter George253
Mallinson, Arnold286
Malone, J. Cyril285
Manning, Thomas, D.281
Mars, William John 291
Martel, Louis Exeas292
Martin, Frank P.280
Martin, John D.281
Martin, Hon. W. M.45
Mather, William Allan.284
Mathieu, His Grace Archbishop Olivier Elzear.41
McAffee, Rev. Thomas256
McAra, Colonel James116
McCallum, E. A.92
McClelland, Robert James319
McConnell, Howard320
McCulloch, Thomas Hugh Breese.321
McCurdy, John.321
McCurdy, His Worship Mayor Victor Charles.295
McDonald, D. H. 98
McEwen, James.332
McGillivray, Lt.-Colonel,' James Edward.294
McGrath, Captain William A. S.261
McInnis, Harry Alexander296
McKay, Dr. Angus65
McKay, Hon. James44
McKay, Major J. Fortesque255
MeLellan, Peter256
McLorg, Judge Edward Arthur.73
McMurchy, Robert David 259
McNab, Hon. Archibald Peter46
McNeice, James Joseph 257
McPhee, George W.261
McRae, Roderick322
Melburn, William.293
Mercer, Joseph291
Mergens, His Worship,Mayor Joseph .317
Miller, Captain David Porke 283
Miller, John288
Miller, Thomas253
Mills, Major Richard, Burkitt114
Miner, Vernon U.317
Mitchell, John Henderson.Addition
Moore, William B.318
Morris, Charles Sidney Edward 290
Morrow, James ,Moore290
Motherwell, Hon. William 46
Mott, Walter Roland.254
Moxon, Arthur.91
Mundell, Late Lt. David.91
Munro, James Daniel.254
Munroe, Captain George Albert. 288
Murchison, Gordon. Addition
Murphy, E. E.285
Murray, Alexander Miller289
Murray, George Workman292
Murray, Walter Charles64
Myers, Otto Philip.284
Nay, Robert Erie280
Neville, Lt. Allan Irwi306
Newlands, Hon. Henry William.39
Norrie, John Bowman.Addition
Northup, Dr. Anna Elvira279
Noyes, Ven. Archdeacon Robert John.90
Oliver, Captain Daniel305
O'Reagan, Walter B.279
Ormond, Colonel.67
Paille, Captain George275
Pallson, Johannes P.275
Panton, Captain Leonard277
Parker, Rev. Julius Foster Dyke84
Parsons, William Rufus334
Patrick, James Alexander MaeDonald90
Patrick, Thomas Alfred.102
Patterson, Thomas Ersine 333
Paul, James275
Paul, Morley Perry278
Payne, Rev. Alfred Beauchamp I.334
Penington, Walter336
Penny, William304
Perley, Late Senator William Dell63
Perry, Major-General Aylesford Bowen53
Perry, Norman335
Peterson, Soren P.278
Pickett, Lt.Colonel H. D.276
Pilkington, Frederick Joseph305
Prud'homme, Joseph Henry.43
Ramsland, Mrs. Sarah K.79
Rankin, Lt.-Colonel James Sabiston104
Rappell, Lt. Kenneth Clark.270
Rathwell, Samuel K.273
Rawlinson, Phillip James332
Readstone, Edward272
Redden, Robert Oswald.268
Reed, Hayter,62
Reid, Norman Graham. 331
Reynolds, Arthur John.331
Rhymes, William Frederick 273
Richardson, Ivie268
Rigby, Charles Collinson272
Rimmer, Judge Reginald72
Robinson, Arthur William 329
Roche, Michael James.330
Rodman, C. T. 329
Rodney, James Edward.269
Rose, Stewart Mason271
Roseborough, Captain E. J. 269
Ross, Brig.-Gen. Alexander74
Rass, Han. James H.61
Ross, Thamas George333
Rowand, George Falconer270
Rutherford, H. A.330
Saich, Captain Alexander J. 326
Sanborn, Robert Maxwell266
Sandwith, Captain Bertrand.263
Scott, Captain Alfred C.264
Scott, Charles Andrew.328
Scott, Hon. Walter59
Secard, Late John87
Secord, Major John Christopher.314
Seller, Lemuel Arthur312
Sergant, Frederick William Gordon.267
Seymour, Maurice MacDonald.113
Shalansky, Pauline Addition
Sharpe, Captain J. H.262
Sharpe, William Edward301
Sheldrake, Herbert George302
Sherwood, Adiel Williams327
Simpsan, David William265
Smith, Andrew Robertson. 327
Smith, Ernest Ferrier.264
Smith, Major Robert Henry.267
Smith, Vincent Reynolds313
Smith, William John.302
Smith, William W303
Soper, Sydney George314
Stapleford, Mrs. Maude Bunting.80
Stephen, Daniel264
Stephenson, Walter Attwood. 328
Stewart, Archibald Blythe. 312
Stewart, Captain John Alexander303
Stewart, Major Peter Donald. 266
Stewart, William W.326
Stockan, John George313
Storer, Mrs. Effie Laurie105
Stuart, Peter Alexander 311
Sugden, Lt. Oscar311
Sugden, Oswald315
Swanston, Rev. Albert Edward.262
Tanner, Late Arthur Wiliam.88
Taylor, Hon. George Edward.51
Telfer, Robert A.341
Terry, Thomas Franklin299
Terry, Late Thomas Thompson.300
Thom, Lt. Alexander K.340
Thompson, Ernest341
Thompson, Captain John342
Thompson, Levi298
Thompson, Lt.-Colonel Murray87
Thompson, Samuel Garfield. 300
Thomson, Harold Francis.129
Thornton, William Thomas .Addition
Torney, Major Frederick William. 338
Townsend, Hugh301
Townshend, Lt. Albert Frederick.310
Trant, William.69
Turgean, Han. William Ferdinand Alphonse44
Turner` Harris77
Tuxord, Brig.-Gen. George Stuart61
Uhrich, Hon. John M.48
Van Kilken, Frederick D. 298
Washington, ,Major F.C.336
Waterman, Sidney Lancelot222
Weaver Lt George Dyer 307
Webber, Whitman Horatio223
Webster, Lieut. David339
Wedderspoon, David339
Westbrooke, His Worship Mayor Arthur Edward306
Wetmore, Late Hon. Edward Ludlow45
Whilliams, Rev. James W.315
White, Alexander Marsden307
Whitman, Herman Alton344
Whitmore, Late J.A.105
Wickware, Captain Walter James224
Willard, Joseph George343
Williams, J.K.R.309
Willoughby, Charles219
Willoughby, Hon. Wellington Bartley58
Wilson, Major Andrew224
Wilson, Maitland, Allan234
Wood, Judge Charles Edward Dudley73
Woolard, Charles Robert343
Wright, George342
Wyldman, Alfred337
Wylie, Judge Edmund Richard338
Wynn, Samuel N.37
Yule, William Scott.222
Zinng, Edward S.221

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