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As we bid farewell to the old era of hosting on RootsWeb and Ancestry, we are delighted to announce the rebirth here

Saskatchewan Provincial

1. Swift Current

2. Moose Jaw

3. Weyburn

4. Kindersley

5. Regina

6. Yorkton

Lloydminster region 10 Prince Albert region 11 Battleford region 7 Saskatoon Region 8 Kamsack Region 9 Kindersley Region 4 Regina Region 5 Swift Current Region 1 Moose Jaw Region 2 Weyburn Region 3 Yorkton Region 6
7. Battleford

7a. St. Joseph's Colony

8. Saskatoon

9. Kamsack

10. Lloydminster

10a. Barr Colony

11. Prince Albert

St. Joseph's Colony and Barr Colony are not part of Saskatchewan Genealogy Web, as they have other webhosts.

The following webpages have been migrated to the new server: The Saskatchewan Genealogy Web

Saskatchewan Cemetery Project

The Online Historical Map Digitization project

Sask Wheat Pool Maps

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Dear Valued Visitors of Saskatchewan GenWeb's New Domain,

We're delighted to welcome you to our new digital abode at! If you've been a traveler through the pathways of the Provincial Saskatchewan GenWeb site hosted by Rootsweb and Ancestry, to find that they have become static without updates nor upgrades, fret not—our webpages will not only endure but thrive at this new domain.

A New Chapter Unfolds:

This is not just a change of address; it's the dawn of a new chapter in documenting the rich tapestry of Saskatchewan's history. The one-room schoolhouses, cemetery headstones, historical maps, and the myriad of placenames will continue to find a digital home here.

Patreon: Fueling the Future:

The heartbeat of this endeavor is our Patreon community. Their support ensures not only the financing of this project for the current year but paves the way for future years. It's a collective effort where every contribution propels us forward.

The Saskatchewan GenWeb Mission Persists:

As volunteers diligently place new information and updates online, we're excited to persist in this labor of love. Your visits, support, and enthusiasm make it possible for us to continue unearthing and preserving the stories of the past.

The Journey to Sustain History:

The new domain and web hosting provider stand as pillars, thanks to the incredible support from our growing Patreon community. We're not just looking at this as a one-time venture but a sustained effort year after year.

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Behind every update and every historical map scanned, there's a team of dedicated volunteers. If you find our service beneficial, consider supporting us through Patreon. Your contribution is an investment in preserving Saskatchewan's history.

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A heartfelt thank you to and for providing the foundation. Now, as we transition, we seek your support in finding paid web hosting. Your backing ensures a lasting legacy.

Consider supporting our efforts to document memories and enrich knowledge about Saskatchewan, and places. An appeal is made to preserve invaluable documents like old telephone books, Henderson's directories, city directories, pioneer photos, letters, books, town directories, co-op membership books, credit union and elevator books, grain company records, church books, cattle brand books, school records, church lists, homestead maps, and more. These documents list names of community residents and should be preserved. Placing them online or duplicating them will help prevent the loss of primary source documents for family genealogists

Thank you for being a cherished part of our community. Your passion for history fuels our dedication.

Warm regards,

The Saskatchewan GenWeb Volunteer Team